Every year more than $246 million worth of damage occurs to eating and drinking establishments as a result on one thing – failing to properly deep clean their kitchens. As if the financial toll alone wasn’t enough, many of these fires even result in injury or death.

Deep cleaning services are essential for keeping any eating or drinking establishment safe, sanitary, and up to code. But what is deep cleaning and what does it include?

What Is Included in Deep Cleaning Services?

When you hire a company, like SDI, to clean your kitchen, you’re hiring trained professionals who know exactly how to clean your kitchen and appliances using the appropriate tools and the most proven methods. Our certified and licensed cleaners ensure every surface is free from grease, oil residue, mold, bacteria, and other contaminants commonly found in hard working commercial kitchens.

To accomplish our best-in-class results, we take the time necessary to thoroughly clean your kitchen while taking every precaution to protect the delicate electrical and mechanical components of your appliances. We even have the expertise you can trust to help your kitchen meet the sanitation challenges introduced by COVID-19.

When you hire SDI to give your kitchen a deep cleaning, you will receive any or all of the following depending on your needs:

  • Certified kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning
  • Acoustic ceiling tile cleaning and restoration
  • Appliance deep cleaning
  • Wall cleaning and restoration
  • Kitchen floor and grout deep cleaning
  • Walk-in cooler and freezer deep cleaning

The Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Routine deep cleaning is required for keeping your health and injury risks low and for meeting safety and food prep guidelines. It helps protect your investment because it reduces the likelihood of costly pest infestations and slip and fall accidents. It keeps your appliances and kitchen equipment clean and running smoothly for longer, thus allowing you to get the most value out of your equipment. Your equipment will be much less likely to catch fire or fail health inspections.

Deep cleaning also ensures your food storage areas are sanitary, making food contamination much less likely. And, with professional cleaning, your walls, ceilings, and lights will be brighter and cleaner, making for a much safer and more enjoyable work environment for your kitchen staff.

Custom Deep Cleaning Services Designed for You

When you hire SDI to professionally clean your kitchen, you’re in complete control. You choose which deep cleaning services you want to have performed and how often you want us to perform them. With regular cleanings, your kitchen will operate more efficiently and safer than ever before. Call us today at 800-794-2345 to schedule a free kitchen inspection and find out for yourself why at SDI we believe Quality is Job #1!