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SDI has over 30 years of experience performing specialized facility services for hospitality. Our professionals are available to help you re-open smoothly and safely.
Fully Certified Technicians and Inspectors


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Please fill out the form below and a representative from our team will contact you within minutes.
Fully Certified Technicians and Inspectors
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SDI Quality has over 30 years of Kitchen Hood and Exhaust System Cleaning Experience

Did you know?

Grease fires can burn at temperatures of over 1,400°F, and once ignited they often prove to be extremely difficult to contain and extinguish. This is due in part to fire suppression systems commonly only being present in the hood plenum at ground level.

Every year in the United States, over 11,000 restaurant establishments report damages resulting from fires – most often this is due to improper kitchen exhaust system maintenance.

Avoid the potential for a fire-related disaster, be sure to only hire certified and trained professionals.

Grease fires

Protect Your Commercial Kitchen with SDI’s IKECA Certified Exhaust Hood Cleaning

As a result of our decades-long Free Inspection Program, we have had the opportunity to inspect hundreds of thousands of linear feet of grease ducts spanning across the West Coast. Usually, these inspections are requested by kitchen operators reporting airflow issues. What we find during these inspections can quickly become a truly scary situation: While hoods and filters appear clean and serviced from ground level, the ducts leading to the roof fans are so deeply laden with grease, it causes the duct’s airspace to reduce. This causes the reported airflow issue and an even bigger problem – a massive grease fire just waiting to happen.

While this severity may not be the case for every restaurant, we often find exhaust ducts, also known as the hood flue, to be badly neglected with a thick coating of grease – all while managers believed these areas were being cleaned regularly. Due to the duct interior’s out of site nature, it can be too easy for uncertified vendors to cut corners by neglecting grease removal throughout the full length of the ducts and roof fans.

So, ask yourself:

  • How are your hoods’ airflow?
  • Is your kitchen often full of smoke?
  • Are temperatures often high in your kitchen?

If yes, an inspection from our team is recommended.

Got grease-laden ductwork?

We have you covered.

partnership with Tegras
Benefits of the innovative Tegras system
  • Superior cleaning with greater safety
  • Cleaning of all inaccessible areas of ducts
  • Faster cleaning equals savings to clients
  • Ability to video record inspection and cleaning
Tegras cleaning
Our leadership understands the importance of equipping service technicians with all the best tools available. This has direct implications for the fire safety of facilities and consistent service quality.

Servicing the Southwest, for 30+ years.

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  • Los Angeles County
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What can happen if your vent hood systems don’t receive the proper care they need?

Similar to other mechanical systems, if kitchen exhaust systems don’t receive the maintenance they need, degradation will begin to take hold. The longer this goes on unaddressed, the more costly the future maintenance and repairs become.
  • Worn and cracking fan belts
  • Sagging horizontal ducts causes leaks
  • Hardened grease restricts filters
  • Damaged bearings lead to vibrations and further wear of surrounding components

From the ground level to the roof, SDI Quality can help maintain all areas of your kitchen hood and exhaust systems. Our seasoned experts will provide you with a free inspection to ensure the mechanical health of your entire exhaust system, this includes a thorough review for National Fire Protection Association compliance.

SDI Quality technician

David C.
SDI Master Lead Technician

See the SDI difference

Roof Fan
roof fan before cleaningroof fan after cleaning
Grease Duct
grease duct before cleaninggrease duct after cleaning
Hood Plenum
hood plenum before cleaninghood plenum after cleaning

COVID Closures:
Inspect and Clean Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Systems

Grease in filters, ducts and fans tend to harden over time, and inactivity due to COVID related closures sure doesn’t help. With stay-at-home orders impacting restaurants across California, proper hood cleaning might be a temptation to skip before reopening. Be sure not to expose your business to major liability by neglecting its fire safety. Call us today and our helpful service experts will work with you to ensure piece of mind by preventing the potential for a catastrophic grease fire.

Our Trusted Clients Include

Quality is Job #1

“Many corporate customers who started with SDI 30 years ago are still with us today. This is a true testament to how deeply we value delivering on our promises to quality workmanship and responsive customer service. We will stop at nothing to ensure you are satisfied with the services you receive. This is our personal promise to you.

Call us today, we are looking forward hearing from you.”

– Michael J.P. Shannon
President & Founder

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Please fill out the form below and a representative from our team will contact you within minutes.
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