Commercial Kitchen Cleaning & Restoration Services

Commercial kitchens are one of the busiest work environment, with almost no time left over to properly deep clean and sanitize the floors, walls, ceilings, or appliances! When your kitchen staff goes home for the day, call in SDI to pick up the slack.


Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

55% of kitchen fires are a result of improperly cleaned exhaust systems! SDI is IKECA certified and will keep your restaurant safe!

Appliance Deep Cleaning

Ensure that your appliances won’t catch fire or fail health inspections! SDI will keep your appliances safe!

Kitchen Ceiling Cleaning & Restoration

Want a bright white and new looking ceiling without the cost of ceiling replacement? SDI has the solution!

FRP Wall Cleaning & Restoration

Got dirt, yellowed or damaged FRP walls? SDI has the solution for your problem at a fraction of the cost of FRP wall replacement!

Kitchen Floor & Grout Deep Cleaning

Dirty floors attract pests and increase slip-fall incidents, both costing you money! Hire SDI to help you avoid those situations!

Cooler Box Deep Cleaning

Avoid transferring food contamination to your customers by keeping your food storage cooler boxes in a sanitary condition!

Reoccurring Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

You pick what services you want, how often you want them, and SDI takes care of the rest. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Not What You’re Looking For?


Protect your establishment from kitchen exhaust grease fires by hiring an IKECA certified and highly experienced kitchen exhaust system service provider.


Got old and discolored ceilings? SDI has developed a revolutionary new process to restore acoustic tile ceilings that saves time and money!

Facility Services

Learn more about the various commercial cleaning & maintenance services we offer!