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PRO-Techs 90-Day Germ Shield, Partners with SDI Quality to Help Reduce Microbial Spread

SDI Quality is a family owned and operated commercial service company that specializes in intensive disinfection and restoration. For over 30 years, SDI Quality has serviced the likes of The Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Hollywood Bowl, NBC Universal, and countless school districts and universities. SDI Quality now announces that they have recently partnered with PRO-Techs to introduce a cutting-edge technology which may be a highly effective means of battling the spread of microbes on surfaces.

PRO-Techs is an advanced surface antimicrobial technology that works 24/7 to help prevent the growth and spread of microbes. It is non-toxic to humans and animals, environmentally safe, and registered with the EPA, European Biocidal Products Regulation, and many other comparable regulatory bodies around the world. It has been shown in rigorous clinical studies to have compelling effects.

“At a time where schools, businesses, venues, and the like are searching tirelessly for a solution to bring safety and confidence back to their facilities,” said Michael Shannon, CEO of SDI, “we are so proud to have partnered with PRO-Techs, a cutting-edge 90-day germ barrier coating that provides the ultimate in surface-level protection for our clients.”

PRO-Techs, when applied by SDI’s highly trained technicians using specialized electrostatic foggers, bonds to all surfaces with effectiveness of up to 90 days from its initial application. PRO-Techs contains organofunctional silane, an extremely efficient bonding agent. This active ingredient in PRO-Techs features a vertically aligned long 18-carbon chain bed of “nano-swords,” which punctures microbe cell membranes. This causes the first phase of cell death. Next, PRO-Techs’ positively charged nitrogen atoms deliver a positive electric charge to the negatively charged and now impaled microbes, resulting in electrocution at the molecular level, thus causing irreparable deactivation. PRO-Techs can be applied to all high-traffic touch points in a populated environment to reduce opportunity for microbes to spread across surfaces. Most importantly, PRO-Techs is EPA approved for use directly on food contact surfaces, something very unique to PRO-Techs which showcases just how safe this technology is.

“As a wise man once said, the only state worse than having no security is a false sense of security,” said Danny Quiroz, SDI’s Senior Operations Manager. “Once dried, PRO-Techs is completely invisible. This is just one of several reasons why a certified applicator for PRO-Techs is a must.”

SDI Quality, with its large fleet of service vehicles, services regions extending from Southern California to parts of Northern California, Arizona, and Nevada. Their experts are available daily to take calls and provide facility managers with the support needed to create an effective strategy to apply PRO-Techs where it matters most.

About Shannon Diversified, Inc.

SDI Quality is a fully certified, licensed, and bonded commercial service company. Their core markets include Southern California cities in, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles County, Ventura County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Riverside County and parts of Arizona and Nevada.

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