COVID-19 Sanitization Services

Comprehensive Facility Sanitizing with Electrostatic Technology

SDI is uniquely Prepared + Equipped to meet the sanitization challenges of COVID-19

Non-Toxic Sanitizing Solution

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Teams of Fully Trained &

Highly Equipped Staff

Electrostatic Spray Foggers

Ensure Complete Coverage

Licensed & Bonded

30 Years of Experience

100% Non-toxic; Meets EPA Standards as Qualified Disinfectant against SARS-CoV-2

Comprehensive Facility Sanitizing with Electrostatic Technology

Office Building Electrostatic Fogging

ICU Room HOCI Fogging Application

Known Infected Area Fogging Application

SDI’s Non-Toxic Sanitizing Solution

EPA established as killing viruses, bacteria, and fungus in seconds
100% non-toxic; people and animals can be present during application
Non-corrosive; No risk of damage to electronics
Spot free – No residue or streaks left behind
Completely safe for use on food-contact surfaces, without the need for secondary rinse. (FCNR – Food Contact No Rinse)
EPA established as a safe and highly effective sanitizer for use in hospitals and surgery rooms

Sanitization Chemicals Widely Available

EPA often requires minutes of wet dwell time to kill viruses
Many sanitizers require building be evacuated for hours after service
Heavier coating required to satisfy dwell time; Significant risk of damage to electronics
Leave residue behind; risk of exposure to residue as well as corrosion
Most sanitizers considered not safe for use on food contact surfaces
Many sanitizers not safe for hospital or surgical room use; must be sprayed with caution while wearing full PPE to avoid toxic exposure.

Grocery / Retail

Distribution & Food Production


Fitness Centers

Assisted Living

What is Electrostatic spray fogging?

– Electrostatic foggers break down standard sized water droplets into many more tiny micro-droplets. This means a fine fog is applied allowing for more even coverage of the sprayed area while also preventing drips and runs on vertical surfaces as well as over-wetting of moisture-vulnerable surfaces and components.

– An electrode positioned at the nozzle of our fogging applicators negatively charges each micro droplet. Once the micro-droplets are sprayed, they seek positively charged objects and surfaces –exactly as two magnets would- and cling to almost every surface, nook and cranny in your facility. This allows for the most efficient disinfection possible.

– Creates particle sizes of 5-15 microns for a ‘dry fogging’ effect which is commonly safe for use in surgical rooms with sensitive electronic medical equipment.

Health Message from the CDC:

“All employers should be ready to implement strategies to protect their employees and customers from COVID-19.”

“Our team of knowledgeable professionals will build an effective sanitation strategy for your specific facility and place it into action quickly.”

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we will likely see companies spring into the sanitization space which lack the proper equipment and industry knowledge to truly sanitize at a professional level. These companies may also use hazardous chemicals which if exposed, may lead to negative health effects for your staff and your customers.

“Our team of knowledgeable professionals will build an effective sanitization strategy for your specific facility and place it into action quickly.”

– Michael J.P. Shannon
President & Founder