COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfection Services

With 90-Day Anti-microbial Protection

Our 3-Step Protection Program pairs our existing cleaning and disinfection protocols with PRO-Techs, for an active 90-day germ shield

Covid-19 Disinfection Services Los Angeles


Pro-Techs Technology automatically works around the clock so that you don’t have to.

Coronavirus Disinfection Services Los Angeles


Pro-Techs advanced anti-microbial technology leads the industry in effectiveness.

Covid-19 Sanitization Los Angeles


Pro-Techs can be applied to any surface. Just one application protects for up to several months.

Corona Virus Disinfection Los Angeles


Pro-Techs is non-toxic, colorless, ordorless, durable, and non-leaching.  It’s registered with the EPA and EBPR.


SDI Quality’s 3-Step Protection Program

1: Pre-Clean & DisinfectCovid protection

For a durable PRO-Techs application, surfaces must first be thoroughly pre-cleaned and disinfected. For this we use a totally non-toxic solution which is EPA qualified on LIST N for use against COVID-19. Its ultra-low dwell time requirement and non-corrosive qualities ensures surfaces are not overly wetted and poses no risks to sensitive electronics.

2: Apply PRO-Techs 90-Day Germ Shield

Using specialized electrostatic foggers, SDI technicians will now begin applying PRO-Techs, an EPA registered antimicrobial shield to all surfaces in the area. Within seconds, PRO-Techs organosilane structures will begin creating an ultra-strong covalent bond with surfaces. We allow the coating to dwell before wiping away excess. Active surfaces are now guarded 24/7 and for up to 90 days from offending microbes.

Certified Covid Disinfected3: Display Pro-Techs Certification

SDI Quality’s Certified Applicators will now display Pro-Techs signage in visible areas of the building. This indicates to all entering the facility that surfaces are actively being shielded with PRO-Techs, giving customers and employees the confidence they need to feel secure.

How does PRO-Techs work?

PRO-Techs utilized two methods to bring about a near instant mechanical kill against offending microbes. The first is a grid of nano-spikes which create a covalent bond with the surface it is applied to. This bond is very durable, on average it is still detectable on high traffic touch points up until 90 days from the initial coating. The second mechanical force responsible for PRO-Techs unmatched residual effectiveness is its positively charged nitrogen. Once impaled, the pathogen is robbed of its ions resulting in total deactivation of the offending microbe.


How is PRO-Techs applied?

Covid Disinfection Applicator

Only a thin layer of PRO-Techs is necessary.  It is best applied using specialized fogging applicators with electrostatic technology.  This uses static electricity to positively charge PRO-Techs as it is atomized from the machine’s nozzle.  With most objects being naturally negatively charged, PRO-Techs becomes electro-statically attracted to surfaces.

This results in the ability for the fogged PRO-Techs to wrap around all three-dimensional objects, reaching all nooks and crannies for a complete coverage – each and every time.

Is a certified applicator necessary?

PRO-Techs should be applied by a certified PRO-Techs applicator.  Thorough pre-cleaning and specialized electrostatic fogging machines are required to ensure complete coverage.  As the saying goes, the only state worse than no security is a false sense of security.  Once dried, PRO-Techs is invisible to the naked eye, making it easy for in-house cleaners to miss critical areas.  For these reasons, only a certified applicator is allowed to perform this service.

Only SDI Quality is a Certified Applicator for the Western United States

Los Angeles Based Serving Western USA

SDI Quality of Southern California is a widely renowned commercial service company with over 30 years of experience in providing world class service quality and overall customer satisfaction.

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Health Message from the CDC:

“All employers should be ready to implement strategies to protect their employees and customers from COVID-19.”

“Our team of knowledgeable professionals will build an effective sanitation strategy for your specific facility and place it into action quickly.”

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we will likely see companies spring into the sanitization space which lack the proper equipment and industry knowledge to truly sanitize at a professional level. These companies may also use hazardous chemicals which if exposed, may lead to negative health effects for your staff and your customers.

“Our team of knowledgeable professionals will build an effective sanitization strategy for your specific facility and place it into action quickly.”

– Michael J.P. Shannon
President & Founder

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