What is Ceiling Restoration?

Ceiling restoration is the process of restoring an acoustic ceiling to a like-new condition without disturbing the UL Listed fire rating or acoustic sound absorption qualities of acoustic tiles. Ceiling restoration ensures a uniform resurfacing of the entire ceiling. This includes the acoustic tiles, surrounding T-bar grid system, air vents and diffusers, speaker plates, and any other ceiling fixtures which are not masked off and intended to match the rest of the ceiling.

We use an exclusive product that is specially formulated for the restoration of acoustic ceilings that is very different than paint in that it does not ruin the UL listed fire retardant properties and sound absorption properties, unlike paint.

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Learn why Ceiling Restoration is so much more than just painting a ceiling

Ceiling Restoration costs a fraction of the time and money of tearing out and installing a new ceiling. Many contractors and architects choose this route because they may think that the ceiling is beyond restoration. That is simply not true. In contrast to that, our ceiling restoration process often results in a final product that is even better than new.

Restoring vs. Replacing

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