Ceiling and Wall Restoration


  • All food and prep items are removed out of the area, shelving, racks, appliances and equipment are pulled away from the walls and covered in poly sheeting along with removal of all non-permanent signage from walls. Electrical switches and panels are thoroughly masked off to protect from any water seepage along with any parabolic light lenses masked.
  • Our specialized cleaning and sanitizing solution is then applied with our hot chemical spray applicator to all the ceiling and wall surfaces and then followed up with a scrub and wiping process to remove all oily grease and soot contamination. Prismatic light lenses are thoroughly chemically cleaned inside and out. The supply and return air registers and sprinkler heads are carefully wiped clean. Stainless steel surfaces such as hoods and walls are then wiped down and polished to a shine. Floors are mopped dry and racks, shelving, signage and food prep items are put back to their original locations, all masking materials are removed and discarded. The entire area is left in a clean and orderly condition.
  • Optional: To achieve a true brand new ceiling appearance, we paint the ceiling and grid using a high grade washable paint. We mask off all walls, floors, appliances, surfaces, sprinklers, security cameras, etc. with plastic sheeting throughout the entire kitchen. We then place spacers between every single washable tile and the grid that they lay on to prevent the paint from ‘gluing’ the tile to the grid. (This is a critical step that most companies fail to achieve. The result is a ceiling that is glued together and impossible to access unless the tiles are forced open, resulting in tile damage.) After spacing every tile, we paint the ceiling using an airless sprayer, resulting in an even and flat coat of paint that dries quickly. Once dry, we remove the spacers and remove all plastic masking. The entire area is left in a clean and orderly condition and the ceiling is left with a brand new and bright appearance.


Benefits of using SDI to restore your acoustic ceiling:

SDI uses an exclusive water-based coating that no other company on the West Coast has access to. Nine out of ten times, we find that other painting companies use regular oil-based paints to paint acoustic ceilings and have no idea about the damage they are causing to your ceiling. Acoustic ceiling tiles are fire retardant and have a sponge like structure with millions of tiny pores that are responsible for their acoustic properties which soak up sounds and minimize echoes in large sales floors. When regular oil-based paints are used, they ruin the fire retardant properties of the tiles. Along with this, the oil-based paint clogs up the pores of the acoustic tiles, resulting in a huge loss of their acoustic properties. Additionally, any overspray from oil based paint is almost impossible to remove and results in ruined surfaces.

Our exclusive water-based coating is superior to regular oil-based paints. Our coating has been tested and certified by UL Laboratories, which means that our coating is certified fire retardant. This ensures that your acoustic tiles remain completely fire retardant, unlike oil-based paint. On top of this, our coating does not alter the acoustic properties of your acoustic tiles at all, something that is impossible to achieve with oil-based paints. Additionally, our water-based coating is easily removed with water. Any overspray is easily wiped off with a wet rag. Finally, our coating ‘dry-falls’, meaning that overspray dries mid-air before falling to the ground. This dry-fall is essentially just dust, and is easily swept up and thrown away. For these reasons, companies continue to choose us over other painting companies to restore their acoustic ceilings. Below are the steps in properly painting an acoustic ceiling.

  • All sprinklers heads, cameras, signage, and lights are masked with paper or plastic masking. All gondolas, displays, tables, checkout stands, etc are masked with plastic sheeting. All walls and floors are masked with plastic sheeting. All plastic is glued together to ensure the spray area is completely enclosed. All air registers and tiles surrounding them are thoroughly dusted. We then spray an even coat of our white coating onto the ceiling with an airless sprayer, which provides a perfectly even and flat finish. After the entire ceiling is coated, we then remove all masking and dispose of it. The entire sales floor is then swept and any overspray or dust is cleaned up. The result is a clean sales floor and a brand new appearance of the acoustic ceiling.